Ford provided Carroll Shelby with an engine for his start up sports car company and AC supplied the bodies. Shelby hired a bunch of hot rod builders in California and they created the Cobra.

The Snake and The Stallion

“I spent a whole lot of time with Richard on this and he’s really nailed it. Got all the right people, from Dan Gurney to Lee Iacocca. It’s a wonderful, wonderful story and I’ve never seen anybody tell it better. I’m very proud to have been part of it” – Carroll Shelby.

Falken Tire: 1966 Shelby Cobra. Bruce Cambern’s original 1966 Shelby Cobra. Bruce bought the car in 1966 and still races it to this day. His tires of choice for this classic racer – Falken Azenis RT615k.

Please enjoy this preview that is a chapter from the documentary on Bob Bondurant currently in development.
In 1965 Shelby American battled Ferrari for the F.I.A. World Manufacturers’ GT Championship. Carroll Shelby’s lead driver Bob Bondurant,

“My name’s Carroll Shelby and performance is my business” from The Snake and The Stallion. From Spirit Level Film

The Rip Cords had a hit in the 1960s called Hey Little Cobra

Maroon 5 – Payphone – Adam Levine hand built the 1967 Shelby Cobra kit car in the band’s practice space during the inactive winter months. (From The Adam Levine HANDBOOK-EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ADAM LEVINE)

Taylor Swift – Blank Space – No animals, trees, automobiles or actors were harmed in the making of this video. Backdraft Cobra owned by Will Hough.

Cobra Venom V8 concept car. 3D slideshow animation by Jamie Martin